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Student Loans: Refinance, Consolidate or Call For Help?

Student loan debt has reached a staggering $1.2 trillion. When student loans are issued, very few questions are asked. College students have not started their career, and they do not have a credit history. Federal and private lenders cannot look at income, employment or FICO scores because they don’t yet exist. So lenders issue big loans and hope that…
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New Income-Driven Repayment Plan

Back in the spring of 2014, President Barack ​Obama's budget request proposed expanding the Pay As You Earn​ income-driven repayment program, with some caveats, to more federal student loan borrowers. Several months later, the president strengthened that request by issuing an executive order requiring the Department of Education to promulgate regulations to implement that expansion no later than…
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Student Loan Bill Of Rights

The single most important investment anyone can make in their future is to pursue higher education. But the one thing I often hear from families is that they are worried about the cost. Too many students are graduating from college feeling burdened by their student loan debt. The Obama Administration has – and will continue…
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